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Caviar Potato Chips

Caviar and Potato Chips

makes 15-20 chips

I am a major caviar lover but find toast points or blini kind of heavy. A few years back I had an

crazy idea….what about caviar on a crispy potato chip??? Genius!!

Now it’s my go to for a “high/low” appetizer. You can go with expensive caviar or something

more moderate…tasty either way!


15-20 Potato chips

(I first developed this recipe with Kettle Brand Baked chips - they are VERY flat and work

perfect. I have been having trouble finding the “baked” version and the regular ones tend to be

irregular in shape. Bottom line…you need the flattest chips possible to hold the most caviar use what you like, or be fancy and make your own!)

1 ounce caviar

(Osetra is my caviar of choice, but anything fresh and in your price range will work)

Creme fraiche or sour cream

Freshly chopped chives

Take one potato chip, top with a dollop of creme fraiche, top with a dollop of caviar…Repeat…

Arrange on a platter and garnish with chopped chives.

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