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Love Lulu

I'm Miss LuLu and without a doubt I love life and live large!

I'm known to be a boss of my people. That's true. I prefer pizza over kibble and a necklace rather than a collar. 

I know you wonder how I got my Supermodel status and maintain my voluptuous body and world vision. Truth be known, It's a gift. I was born this way.

Welcome to my advice column. You're not here by accident.

....and you're welcome in advance

Love, Lulu


Answers to my fan mail questions:

What is your favorite nickname?

Hmmm…that is a tough one. Actually, my mommy calls me lots of stuff, but one funny nickname is Monsta Gangsta. 


How old are you?

Miss Lulu never really likes to tell her age. But because I like gifts (the sparkly kind), I’ll tell you that I’m six years old. My birthday is on February 2nd (remember, I like jewelry first and treats is a close second).  


Have you always lived in California? 

Oh, yes. I’m a native Californian!


What did you think when you met your human mommy, Holli, for the very first time?

I loved her very, very much. But if you want me to be totally honest, I really hated the carrier she drove me home in, and I REALLY hated the crate at night for just wasn't for me! I tried it the first night, then by the second night, I was so over it. Mommy gave in and let me sleep on the bed with her and Dad. She did wake me up every four hours so that I wouldn't have an "accident."


What is your favorite toy and why?

Oh, that’s a simple question to answer! My favorite toy is anything my bratty little sister Miss Matty is playing with for sure. 


Tell us where you are when mommy is cooking? What do you like most about watching her cook? 


I sit on the chair in the kitchen and watch my mommy cook. Sometimes I get tired, so I curl up and go to sleep. But if I hear the sliced turkey package, I wake right up!


What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Sleep. It’s my thing. 


Have you done any traveling? If so, where?

Oh, yes! We fly in the private jet to our house in Washington sometimes, and I like to go out on our boat, too! I used to love my friend, Sadie (she’s a yellow lab), who lives next door in Washington. But things changed – you know how that goes. We had a falling out because she thinks I am too bossy now. Sadie, if you’re reading this, I miss you! Xoxo

Okay, back to the traveling. I have also done the "road trip" with mommy in the car to/from Washington, but I prefer the private jet. It’s much quicker, and there are better treats "in flight.” There are never treats "in the car." Plus, on the road trip, we have to stop at some hotels that really aren't up to my standards (although I did like Bacara with Auntie Karyn and Auntie Joann).

I have also been to the Montage in Laguna (when I was pretty little), Ritz Carlton in Rancho Mirage, and the Bernardus in Carmel Valley. That was a nice "road trip," and I had fun at the restaurant and met lots of nice people. I haven’t done the international scene yet. 


What is your favorite thing to do when Mommy is not watching? Don’t worry, I won’t print this. 

Oh, definitely sleep and harass my little sister, haha! 

Special note: The reporter did print this. 


What are you looking forward to the most being on "Holli"day...Anyday!?

All the attention of course and being a movie star (interested talent agents can email me).

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