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Grilled Whole Branzino

Grilled Whole Branzino

serves 1-2

Don’t be intimidated to grill a whole fish! It’s very easy. I used branzino here, but you can use

any kind of fish, just adjust the cooking time based on the thickness. Your fishmonger can clean

and gut it for you.

1 whole branzino, cleaned

4 slices of lemon, cut in half

a few sprigs each of fresh thyme, parsley and/or dill

olive oil

Preheat your grill to medium high heat.

Open up the branzino, drizzle with olive oil and salt/pepper. Lay lemon slices and herbs inside of

fish. Close fish and score the skin in three cuts along each side. Drizzle outside of fish with olive

oil and salt/pepper.

Coat your grill with cooking spray. Carefully lay your fish on the grill, ensuring to keep lemon and

herbs inside. Cook apprx 5 minutes per side, carefully turning to keep stuffing in. (Fish skin

should not stick if grill is clean and it will pull away from grill when cooked.)

Remove from grill and serve on a large platter with fresh lemon slices.

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