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LuLu Lemon Cloud

Miss Lulu’s Lemon Cloud


A few years ago I was at a bar in Kirkland, Washington with a group of friends. They had a frothy, citrusy martini on their cocktail list and we tried it. We all loved it so much that we subsequently ordered many more. It was a blend of a vanilla-lemon verbena vodka, fresh citrus and egg white. I promptly went home and experimented to try to recreate it. It became the Miss Lulu Lemon Cloud…and I usually am in my lululemon wear when I am enjoying it! haha


1 egg white (I do not worry about pasteurization here, but if you are concerned you can leave it out but the drink won’t be as frothy)

3 ounces vanilla lemon verbena infused vodka*

1/2 ounce fresh lime juice

1/2 ounce fresh lemon juice

1/2 ounce simple syrup

fresh lemon and/or lime zest (do this before you juice the citrus)


In a shaker…add egg white, shake 10 times. Add vodka, juices and simple syrup and ice. Shake 20-30 times. Strain into a coupe or martini glass, garnish with zest on top.


Vanilla-Lemon Verbena Vodka

So I played with this and these proportions seem to give the best result.


1 750 ml bottle vodka of choice - I use Grey Goose

1 vanilla bean, split, scraped

5-6 sprigs(not just leaves) of lemon verbena (check the herb section of your local nursery - I bought a plant and just planted it in my garden after using the sprigs I needed)


Put the vanilla bean, scraped insides of the bean and the sprigs in your vodka bottle. Let sit on counter in cool place for up to a week. (It will take longer if you put in fridge to infuse.) 

Taste after a few days. Once it is flavored to your liking strain out the bean and verbena sprigs and leave infused vodka in bottle. I store my vodka in the freezer so the martini gets extra icy!

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